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Plugged in not charging - NOT in conservation mode

My device: Lenovo 2013 IdeaPad Z400 Touch 20220

OS: Windows 10

Issue: Battery indicates "Plugged in and not charging"; it is at 0%; if I unplug the charger, it immediately shuts off.



- I had a similar problem 3 months ago. After no issues for 4 years, my battery suddenly wouldn't charge higher than 50%, at which point it would indicate "Plugged in and not charging." I downloaded Lenovo Energy Management and changed the settings to "Optimal battery life". This fixed the problem.

- I have since kept my battery in "Optimal battery health" mode, and I rarely used my laptop unplugged. The program says my battery health is "good"

- Yesterday, I used my laptop unplugged, and it died without its usual warning. I plugged it in, left it for awhile, turned it on, and the battery had not charged at all, which has never happened before. 


Fix attempts:

- Went to Lenovo Energy Management and put it in "Optimal battery life", restarted computer; nothing.

- Downloaded Lenovo Settings, my computer was NOT in conservation mode.

- Tried to run the battery firmware update as suggested by Lenovo in this forum. I downloaded it, launched it, and it has not moved past the first step ("Welcome to the Lenovo Battery Firmware Update Tool

Now configuring the program..."). The top corner indicates v00.65, even though I downloaded Version 1. I waited for hours, then exited, reinstalled the program, and the same issue is occuring. Again, it has been hours and it still says "Now configuring the program..."


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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