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Blue Screen Again
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Can the Ideapad 100s-11IBY run in the absence of its battery via the power supply?

Dear community, After 15 months of usage, my Ideapad 100s' batteries did the "balloon stunt". For now, I disposed of the swollen battery pack and consider whether I want repair/a new battery pack. In the meanwhile, it would be nice if I could use the notebook via the mains power only - but it won't turn on. Would anyone perchance know, whether the Ideapad 100s could - at least in principle - run in the absence of a battery pack via its (5V 4amp) external power supply, assuming that all other components are present and functional? Or does the Ideapad 100s run exclusively from the battery in any circumstance? (If it should be able to run from the mains, it might be worthwhile to look for a different power supply.) Thank you very much for your help! Best, Martin
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