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What's DOS?
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No Sound from the Yoga 910

Hello everyone i would appreciate some assistance.  I have a red cross by the speaker on my Yoga 910. I have checked the drivers. Despite downloading the Lenovo sourced realtek drivers there is still a yellow triangle warning on the item under the sound and other devices in the device management area.   There is also an error that says audio devices are not connected.   I have opened the laptop in safe mode (same problem), rebooted it numerous times, updated the drivers (they are up to date) and now I am wondering if there is indeed a physical connection issue rather than software issue.  Incidently when i plug in headphones they dont work.  I have checked on various websites to try and fix the problem.  Can someone offer up any solution?  If you do reply, please explain in plain english as I am not a computer expert but would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

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