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Re: Turbo 2 is turning off randomly by itself

Apparently, Verizon knows of this problem because they are offering a free Moto Z Force Droid (not the Z2) as a replacement to the Turbo 2.  You do have to turn in your old phone, but it was all worth it for me because I had to charge it 3 times a day.  This is only good if you are in warranty but if you are out of warranty, it is discounted to $150.  Depending on your time with the company and who your tech representative is, you may be able to get the cost down.  They sent me one for $0 and I have been out of warranty for almost a year.  The Moto Z is the replacement phone for the Turbo 2, so it was well worth it to replace it even though it wasn't the newest model.  Hope this works for everyone else!

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