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P51 external monitors issues - mini displayport not recognized, only one on docking station

Having received a brand-new P51 directly from Lenovo, i am facing major issues attaching external monitors.

Win10 image from factory, all windows updates, all driver updates as recommended by Lenovo companion. Manually reinstalled graphics drivers, driver update using windows does not detect newer ones. Latest BIOS (1.15). Upon suggestion of lenovo changed BIOS mode from hyprid to discrete.

I have these two issues from day 1:
When i attach a monitor using the right hand side mini displayport, it is not recognized. Monitor stays in stand-by, no sound played, nothing happens. Inserting the same cable into the port of a W540 (Win 8.1) monitor immediately wakes up and can be used up to its full resolution (3440x1440).

inserting laptop into ultradock (230W) it only recognizes one attached monitor. BIOS password entry lock was not shown on external monitor when lid was closed, needed to enter "blind" and press enter, only upon windows boot the monitor (Lenovo 27") was recognized. i think after changing to discrete mode now it showed the lock symbol when starting with closed lid. but still no second monitor is recognized.

This is the first thinkpad in my history where such basic things do not work at all.

I noticed once i had Intel and Nvidia context menu items when presing right mouse botton on desktop screen, now i only have "Nvidia Control Panel" and "nView Desktop Manager" shown. Which may or may not be ok.


Lenovo seems not to be able to help - they are quite anxious to get it solved, already exchanged once the motherboard and offered a second replace, but i did not do that a second time since i have the feeling i could repeat that several times without a better result.

Does anyone have a clue what may cause this, where to look or what to change - or is it really about replacing the motherboard repetitive until it works?

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