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y700 My fans are constantly running after the latest windows creators update 1709

Hello, I have a lenovo y700 and a yoga 900 laptop. Both laptops after the update cause their cpu fans to always run. I will power my laptops on and a minute or two later of if I open more than one tab while web browsing the fan speed shoots up and slows down a bit. Its a constant droning noise in the background. My CPU usage on both is 0-1% but the fan speed never stops. My y700 I had done a repair install per the moderators at the microsoft support forum but it still has not helped. I am holding off on doing anything to my yogo laptop since its a work/school laptop and there is a lot of programs and information on them. I also tried disabling cortana, search indexing, and a few other services to try and see if that helps. Really nothing has worked. I have looking into getting windows pro to see if that would help since most of the forums I have been reading have been the home edition. With windows pro I can correctly disable cortana and what not. I still dont know if that would work or not. I am at a loss here. Its super annoying and I am actually considering selling my work laptop and getting a mac. Any help would be great. Thanks. 

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