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X270 generic freeze?

Hi all,


I got a X270 here that has been freezing a few seconds every so and on and it is giving me headaches.

The symptom is screen freezes for a few ~ 10 seconds but mouse and keyboard inputs are accepted. After the freeze is resolved, all inputs are shown. The frequency varies; 3 times within an hour or non in a day. Happens at least once a day. Googled it, came across the term "generic freeze" but the solution given didn't solve mine. 


I've read about turning off Link Power Management. Check, still happens

Read about ESET conflicting with Windows Defender. Defender is disabled, check. Still happens.


Anyway, here are the specs:


OS: Win 10 Pro x64 English Build 16299 (1709 Fall update) (US)

Core: i7 7600U 2.8GHz (Don't know if overclocked or not, did not touch any CPU settings)

Storage: SAMSUNG NVMe 256GB, factory item


- Firmware: 4L7Q, Lenovo storage device firmware update utility says it's the latest version

WWAN: Sierra Wireless EM7430 LTE

RAM: 16GB x1, factory item


All updates are patched.


I ordered this custom model online from Lenovo Japan, but there's this few second freeze happening straight when I first received it. I've sent it back for check ups and repairs for three times already, and the repair reports came back the following:


1. Issue acknowledged, reproduced, replaced the faulty SATA-NVMe (or the cable that connects NVMe to motherboard) cable

2. Issue acknowledged, reproduced, replaced the faulty NVMe

3. Issue acknowledged, CANNOT reproduce, sent back as is


The issue still exists and I can't figure out what is causing it. I've bought this machine for about 3 months however the three repairs above took more than a month cumulatively. Not in the mood nor have an usable spare machine to use to send it back again.


Most parts are solid so I doubt the freeze is something that is similar when using a HDD under shaky environment.


Got any ideas?






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