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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 black screen at random times

Okay, OP here. I've "fixed" the Problem and am since Monday error-free on Windows 10. Thing is.. I bet you guys won't like the solution AND it's also a bad review for Lenovo itself.


I brought my device to a repair shop. They checked it from inside out and voilá: The switch between both graphic cards AND the controll unit for the fans was broken by factory which caused the black screen (the switch) and a damaging of the GPU (due to the fans spinning irreguarly and keeping it at 110°C instead of 80-90°C).


All in all it costs me 320,-€! For a repair which could have beein evaded when Lenovo wouldn't ship such faulty Notebooks in the first place. Just look around how many posted here saying they have problems or start a Google search and watch the many different videos on Youtube with users showing exactly this problem.


Soo.. Thank you Lenovo. Thank you for shipping faulty hardware and thank you for giving a **bleep** about this problem. Since when is this thread active? 2015? No reply from an official since - Good Game! (And don't get me started with the phone support...)


I for myself are done with Lenovo. This is my first and last consumer device. After a 1/2 year long dispute with the support we're even thinking of distancing ourselves from the business models as well. Lenovo isn't anymore what they used to be in the middle to late 2000's. They're big and sloppy and resting themselves on the good word they claimed ten years ago.

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