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Paper Tape
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is Lenovo Active pen 2 supported in Yoga 520 ?!

Hey everyrone,

i need a help, i have Lenovo Yoga 520, and want to buy smart pen. i prefer to buy lenovo's pen..

i find that there is 3 type in their website:

1. Lenovo Active Pen 1 - for Miix, Yoga 900s, Yoga 720 and Flex 5  

2. Lenovo Active Pen 2 for Yoga

3. ThinkPad Pen Pro
my questions, which one is supported by Lenovo Yoga 520 ?! if there is more than one which is better ?
i asked because when i seached in forums .. i see review and videos for yoga 700+ 900+ and not for 520 ..
i have to be sure before i order one Smiley Happy

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