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Paper Tape
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Yoga 520 USB-C external monitor quality


I am looking for notebook that would be able to use two external screens and I have faced Lenovo Yoga 520 with one HDMI and one USB-C port. HDMI is obvious, but what about USB-C video quality? I could not find any sctrict information how does it (or even whether) works.

My doubts are reasoned by my previous attempt to DisplayLink via USB-A3.0 which completely sucked (low fps, hard to setup). I am mainly using Linux and it was complete disaster - I had to use experimental drivers and after long fight I achieved about 15 fps...

How It is with Lenovo520's USB-C? Will my monitor be usable? What if I use adapter to HDMI/DVI/VGA/DisplayPort? Shall I be bound by uncommon drivers or will it work out of box?

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