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Moto G4 Plus not recognizing SD Card

A couple of months ago, for no known reason, my Moto G4 Plus stopped recognizing my 32g SD (NexTech) Card after it worked well for approx a year.


  • I took the SD card out, and then put it back in the slot and it recognized it and worked fine.
  • After a few days, it stopped working again. THis time I had to reinsert the SD card AND reboot it. ... and it worked for a few more days.
  • Then I had to do it more frequently ...
  • And then the SD Card would work well for a week or more !! (Happy days!)
  • Then again, the same problem occurred.


The problem has now gotten worse. Reseating the card / rebooting the phone no longer work.


  • I tried rebooting in Safe Mode. Still does not read the card.
  • I tried a different, brand new SD card (Kingston), same problem.
    • It does recognize the SD Card in the Settings/Storage
    • It does say "SD Card" for transferring photos and media
    • But I still cannot save anything to the SD Card. No media, no photos, no docs ... nothing. 

For the programs that try to access the SD card, I get an error message similar to the following

               "no internal storage available" 


Suggestions, comments ... best yet .. any solution?

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