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Yoga 720-12IKB (81B5) Track pad stops working after sleep. . .

I just purchased this laptop Monday, and this has been an issue from day one.


I start the laptop and everything works fine, I close the lid and it goes into sleep mode. When I open the computer and resume from sleep mode the track pad does not work. the only way to get the track pad to work again is to restart the laptop.


This happens every single time without fail which makes it a real PITA to use. . .


I have updated the synaptics driver and generic mouse driver with no change in behavior.


I have completely uninstalled all relevant drivers and let windows re-install them with no change in behavior.


I have 10 days left to return this thing, so hopefully I can get this fixed before that because this form factor is great, but I won’t keep something that it obviously broken.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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