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Fanfold Paper
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Thinkpad workstation dock 40A50230US does not pass video out to monitors when awaking from sleep.

Thinkpad P51 with dual (DVI and HDMI) monitors connected to Dock.  P51 wakes fine and one monitor (DVI) sees signal (awakes from sleep mode), the other sees no signal.  Regardless no video information is sent to either monitor - the DVI monitor is awake but black screen - the HDMI remains asleep.


Removing and reinserting connectors has no impact.


Cycling P51 into and out of sleep mode makes no difference.


Removing P51 from dock and all functions correctly.


USB (dongle) mouse and keyboard functions also loses functionality when P51 is docked.  They awaken the P51 but do not function correctly. removal of Laptop from dock and they function fine along with local monitor.  Re-install into dock and mouse/keyboard are inoperable.


Only a hard shutdown and reboot via the dock switch (laptop remaining docked) returns the system to correct function.  All is normal and functioning.  Both monitors are immediately recognized, USB mouse & keyboard fully functional.


When plugged in: Monitors set to sleep in 10 and PC in 30mins.  Short sleep (50-90mins) and system awakens correctly - overnight sleep (8-10hrs) and this happens every time.  


Latest Dock FW/drivers is installed.   System and dock brand new - just arrived last week.

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