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Nougat - No Go. I need help with SEVERAL issues or returning to Marshmallow

Finally, on Feb 9th, 2018 my Maxx 2 was updated to Nougat (7.1.1) from Marshmallow, just shy of a year after Nougat came out. I thought, "I have waited, they took their time, it's going to be great!"


I was so very, very wrong.


None of the following issues existed prior to the upgrade, most were noticed in the first half hour of use after the upgrade:

  • Auto rotate is not fuctioning in any app, save one, the camera app. If it was not for the camera app I would have thought the tilt function (hardware) was not recognized or had failed. In the Camera app, and only in the camera app, I can turn the screen and the icons on the screen rotate exactly as you would expect them to. This means I have no scientific functions on the calculator, I must rotate pictures manually in the Gallery, etc.
  • Auto dimming/brightening of the screen no longer works. If it's turned on the screen dims to its lowest setting and stays there - daylight or dark room, useless.
  • The display no longer blacks out (locking phone) during call. If I put the phone up to my ear before pressing the power button to turn off the screen it changes to some other phone function and I can still hear "them" but "they" cannot hear me until I hit the back button to return to the current call and press the power button.
  • Frequent SD Card failure. Take a picture, edit a picture, try to listen to music, try to play a game - I am frequently kicked back to the desktop when files go missing.
  • Corruption of the files on the SD card. Files on the SC card which were fine yesterday are corrupted today. I was able to open/view/edit/send a picture, as a test. Now any attempt to open the picture kicks me out of the app, any app, immediately.
  • Frequent App Crashes. I can usually get between 45 seconds and four minutes of use out of any app I have tried before I am kicked out to the desktop. The only exception I have noticed is the phone app. I seem to be able to make calls for varying lengths of time without interruption.
  • 33% shorter battery life. Simply put I can, suddenly, no longer go two days between charges.

Just so we are clear, I tried a factory reset (in Android) and it made no difference. So I turned on "Developer Mode" and "OEM unlocking" and tried the following, also no affect:

  • Powered off phone
  • Powered on phone while holding down VolumeDown.
  • Used VolumeDown to select Recovery.
  • Pressed PowerButton.
  • At next screen held down PowerButton and pressed VolumeUp briefly.
  • Wiped Cache partition
  • wiped data/factory reset

Any chance I can put Marshmallow back on this thing? I just want it to work like it did before the "upgrade".

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