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What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 920 Screen Flickering

I rarely sign in and post. But heck for the culture and comunnity here goes.

 I am a yoga 920 owner like all of you guys. Experienced thru the flickering nightmare, the embarrassment from colleagues, getting ridiculed for choosing lenovo instead of surface and spectre.

I persevered and didn't return to the shop like everybody else.

Voila here goes i got an email from lenovo premium care for the remedy/solution and it works guys

Before you guys start any of these, make sure threes at least 30% battery left and plugged in at all times.

1st step update VGA Intel & Firmware Type C from the following link

2nd step

Last and final step

Oh and make sure to run driver 5ncn38ww.exe as Adminstrator Install the driver, dont run any other programs or activities and shut the laptop down during the process .

Good luck guys i hope it works

Who Me Too'd this solution