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Blue Screen Again
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Ideapad 310 external HDMI display random flicker


My dad bought an Ideapad 310-15IKB about 15 months ago from Best Buy (USA). That puts it out of warranty, right?


I used Lenovo Vantage to check for a display driver update and none was listed. A BIOS update was listed, but that does not seem to apply to this problem and I have not yet done the BIOS update (fix one problem at a time).


In recent weeks his external HDMI display had started to flicker/shake A LOT, particularly on his Yahoo home page. I took one look at the shaking and thought "screen resolution problem."


The Ideapad 310 "preferred" resolution (the max) is 1366*768.


Up until a week ago he used a Dell display that did 1920*1080 and then the next lower resolution of that monitor is 1280*1024. Somehow the Ideapad 310 worked well with that monitor for many months in spite of the seemingly incompatible resolutions.


But recently he started getting SUBSTANTIAL screen flicker/"shake" on the Dell monitor. It went on for weeks and then I lent him an HDMI cable and a Samsung HDMI display that does exactly 1366*768 = preferred 310 resolution & preferred Samsung display resolution. His HDMI cable was probably fine, but we changed out the cable, too.


The new combo of Ideapad 310 + Samsung monitor still occasionally flickers, but not nearly so much as before.


I am currently using his Dell monitor as a 1080p HDTV. It works perfectly.


The way he uses the external monitor is:
- after bootup the laptop displays on the laptop panel only
- he presses F10 and switches to the external display only by selecting that option from the screen
- he closes the laptop lid   (it's set in control panel to "do nothing" on laptop lid close)


There seems to be no changable mini-video-card on the Ideapad 310. From what the manual/user guide says/shows it appears that the GPU is soldered right to the motherboard. I was really hoping that I could change/upgrade the video card.


Any suggestions about how to proceed with this problem would be appreciated. The image on the laptop/monitor combo still flickers occasionally.


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