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Yoga 720-13IKB Randomly Going Into Tablet Mode When Moving Lid

My Yoga is randomly going into tablet mode when I move the lid. All drivers and BIOS are up to date. I'm noticing it most often when I open the lid after closing it while the laptop is powered on. The fingerprint reader still functions, but the keyboard is unresponsive. I recognize that it's going into tablet mode because the keyboard backlight turns off and the keyboard stops sending input, and Windows shows the "auto-rotate on" message. I normally open the lid to about a 90 degree angle, maybe a touch past that - not nearly far enough to where tablet mode should be kicking in. I have to play with the lid, moving it back and forth by small increments to make it realize it's not nearly positioned far enough back to be in tablet mode. Sometimes I have to push it all the way back to ~180 degrees, and then bring it back to ~90 before it realizes it. Extremely annoying.

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