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Miix 720 - Keyboard no longer works (photos included)

I posted this topic in a response to another poster but did not receive any feedback to the issue.

Here is the issue:

My keyboard works only in the position shown in the pictures below (when the keyboard is in the flat position). As soon as my keyboard hooks into the screen and angled the device manager turns the keyboard off.  I have the latest drivers for my product from the support website. After Windows completed automatic updates I then noticed this problem.

Steps I have taken without results:

The keyboard is recognized as a USB device so I have tried deleting the USB device and restarting windows.

I have "reset my PC" to factory defaults (twice)

I have attempted to contact LENOVO support (since March 10) but here in INDONESIA the response is non-existant. The local numbers never respond nor have I received email responses Even though I have 60 days left in my Warranty I think the only support I will receive is here in the community forums.



The touchpad no longer works when I attach the keyboard to the monitor, also the keyboard is failing to be recognized as well.  Sometimes if I get lucky the keyboard will work.  This is becoming a serious problem now.


Please see photos for more details, (photos show when the keyboard would work, now the keyboard is failing to register with the computer completely.)keyboard_works.pngKeyboard and touchpad work fine when the keyboard has not latched onto the touchpad.keyboard_failure.pngAfter latching, hooking in, the keyboard is turned off. Device manager shows a missing USB device.

Again now the keyboard is no longer registering no matter if it's flat or not.


I need assistance immediately!  Thanks!

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