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Lenovo Z-51 70 performance issues?

I have bought this this model perhaps half a year ago and ever since I have been having this strange issue.I will explain what it is about. When I am using the laptop, it is fine. No major lag and acceptable behaviour.But when I leave it working unattended, it starts lagging enormously when I start using it again. Here is a typical example. Let us say I have a couple of tabs open on google chrome and a powerpoint presentation running in the background.Then I leave the laptop unattended for let's say 30-45 minutes. When I come back and try using google chrome where I left off, I get MAJOR performance spikes. It gets very very laggy and it is basically unusable for the next 10 minutes. After that is done, I open the powerpoint which was running in the background. Same thing. Enormous lag for the next 10 minutes.It is a rather frustrating issue, and after those 10 minutes pass, the laptop is working fine (although a bit slower until I restart it).I don't know if this is a common issue and I certainly do not know what is causing it. I have been using windows 8.1 and my laptop was up-to-date. Then I switched to windows 10 hoping it will fix the issue. I updated every single driver, went through every possible performance mode option and followed numerous youtube tutorials on how to get the best of the performance on windows 10. So essentially my laptop shouldn't be having these issues. I haven't done anything that could have damaged it. It was like this since I bought it. Also I don't use the laptop for gaming. I am a student and I mostly use it for microsoft apps like word or powerpoint. I actually tried gaming just to see what performance I would get. The gaming performance is unsavoury at the very least. Believe it or not I actually had a hard time running duke nukem 3d (yes the ancient one) on maxed out settings and maximum fps haha, although I don't care about games.I just want the lag issue which occures when I don't use my laptop to be gone. If you could help me, I would be most grateful

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