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Moto G5: USB connection to computer is not working - No notification

Hi there,


Bought in June 2017 a Moto G5 and just recently I had the need to transfer files via USB.


Unfortunately, this is not working on the phone. Here are some findings:


  • USB Slide down notification is not showing the phone.
    • As a user I should have to do no more than plugging the USB cable and be able to transfer files.


       1) Few of the actions I did to try to solve the issue (with no success!):

  • Used the original USB cable; tested in different USB ports
  • Bought a different USB cable; tested in different USB ports
  • Tested with an USB cable that works for another phone
  • Tested on different machines and OS (Windows and Linux)

      2) Also went further with the investigation, doing actions that an user should not have to do:

  • Enabled USB Debugging
  • Retested the options describe in 1)
  • Did a factory reset on the Moto G5
  • Recently updated the phone’s operating system.

USB Slide down notification is not poping up and the only visual is the battery charging; nothing else happens.


I would like to know if I find anyone else here in the forum came across with the same factory defect on the phone.




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