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What's DOS?
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Moto Z2 Force randomly turning off & battery drain issue

My wife and I have both had our Z2 Force for about 7 months. They have BOTH began experiencing battery drain issues. My battery has lasted all day until about a week ago. Now, I have to charge it about every 2 hours. Also, the phones have began to turn off at random. It began turning off when I would take a picture, then when I would close my messaging app. Now, it just suddenly and randomly turns off. Sometimes I am able to turn the phone back on, but often, it shows 0% battery and will not restart unless it is connected to a charger. Once on, it shows the normal battery charge (often as high as 86%). It has cut off on me 4 times in the past hour or so. These phones have always been in cases and have had no damage. Has anyone else experienced this? what can I do other than request a new phone? I hate to go through the process of getting a new phone just to have the same thing happen again...

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