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Lenovo Edge 2 Keyboard Malfunctioning

Hello all,


Let me introduce myself. I am a programmer that's had this laptop for a couple of months now, and while it has been good i've ran into this recent problem. I have experience in web, networking, and programming but I am not a hardware cs so bear with me.



The Lenovo Edge 2 keyboard input will stop functioning in normal mode. It will not proccess input from the user regardless of which key-strokes used. In Safe-Mode, the keyboard will function at the login but input will produce 3 keystrokes per key instead of one. Once pass the login screen the keyboard will not function. This is a very recent issue in which the keyboard was working 3 days prior to this post.


Previously tried solutions/recommendations

Unistalling and re-installing the keyboard drivers has 0 impact. Upgrading the drivers is also null. Unistalling, upgrading, and re-installing in Safe-Mode also is moot. This has been done twice. Using a standard PS/2 keyboard does work, but this is external and does not solve the problem.

This is not an external program conflict/virus issue. The laptop is only months old and is closely monitored where malicious programs would not be installed. Networks and websites are also monitored and significant security software is already installed to detect such possibilities. I also have network/web experience as a Computer Science indivudal and would know if such programs attempt to connect and or download to my machine.   

Factory Reset Installation is not an option

Not only is this not a virus issue(and would not solve the issue if it was), but if it is a possible hard-ware related issue (the circuit board itself not accepting input) then a factory-reset would not work, would involve data-loss, and would also take x amount of hours to complete.

The driver software is "working properly" underneath the device manager via status. So, while the driver program itself is "working", the keyboard is not. It could be that a cable connector is phsyically loose, but remember also the keyboard respondes while in Safe Mode. If the connector was loose, it wouldn't respond in Safe since it is disconnected.

There is no physical damage to the keyboard.

No spills, no drops, no cracks and the keys are too flat for anything to get underneath. The laptop is cleaned only with a soft non-static/fabric cloth and alcohol solution (if needed).

Shipping the laptop is a last resort.

I don't like the idea of the device being shipped where it could be possibly damaged and/or lost during handling. Also, face-to-face interactions is more pratical as I can talk to the technician and see exactly what is going on. If anything I would prefer to take it to an official Lenovo Store or Microsoft Store that does on-site repairs at a responable price. Also, it would be impossible to ship the laptop now as it is heavily needed as I am in the middle of college work. I have had a similar issue like this occur with a memory card failing during this time too, but unfortunately the shop I took it in is in another state. They did end up telling me however what the issue was(one of the memory addresses on the card was missing/malfunctioning) and supplied me with another memory card (the card that failed was a cosair 8MB memory card).

The Tech Support at our college is either unavailable,limited or unwilling

Unfortunately I have asked a variety of engineers and CS. Most are either clueless and or the tech support is limited knowledge such as ony knowing how to handle basic desktop problems. Even some of the CS staff are unwilling to look at it though I am sure they know since hardware courses and engineering is taught at our college.


I need to be able to further inspect the keyboard and know exactly what the problem is such as, could it be a kernel issue, short-circuit issue, etc since the basics has already been narrowed down and guess-work has been debunked.




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