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Thunderbolt 3 Dock Issues with Monitors

I have a new T580, Thunderbolt 3 dock and 2 new 27" monitors.  So far so good, except for this piece of junk Thunderbolt 3 dock.  It is so frustrating and I'm about reasy to send it all back.


When I originally received all of this equipment a couple weeks ago, the first dock did not work.  SUpport sent me a new one and it was not easy to actually get both of external monitors working.  Went through the firware updates and all of that mess.  Finally I did get everything working.....  On Monday, I left on a business trip.  Am back home now and plugged my 580 into the dock and neither external monitor will turn on.


I have the thunderbolt cable from the dock connected to the right port on my 580.  My computer is charging.  The connected Ethernet cable is working.  I have a USB drive plugged into the dock and my computer recognizes that.  But neither of my monitors will turn on.  I have both of them connected via DP cables that came with the monitors.  If I unplug either of the DP cables and plug them back in, the monitor will display "Power Saving Mode" for a couple seconds and that's it.


Nothing with my setup has changed....  since Monday and I'm stuck staring at my laptop screen and neither of my 27" monitors.....


I have restarted my 580.  I have unplugged the dock and plugged it back in.  I have unplugged the thunderbolt cable from my 580 multiple times.  No luck.... 


Would appreciate any insight you may have.  This Thunderbolt dock is about ready to get sent back because it should not be this difficult to get an external display workingl.  Thanks


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