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Paper Tape
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Windows Update - Active Pen scrolls instead of draw



I was layers into an digital art piece on Photoshop, and was drawing just fine. Since it was getting late, I was shut off for the night and pick up in the morning. Since there was an "Update and Shut Down" option instead of just shut down, I let it update and went to bed.

When I turned my laptop back on, the Windows Update messed up the pen! Instead of me simply drawing, the pen scrolls/pans around the screen.

I tried doing a whole reset, but it didn't work, the pen was still wonky.

If I want to even draw with the pen, I have to hold it down then keep it on the screen. So multiple lines (like if I wanted to draw hair strokes) isn't going to happen.


Someone please help. It's been over a week and no change/new updates.

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