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Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

Hi All,


We are sorry to hear about the ongoing issue, we would like to look into the same. Just to narrow down the issue, could you all confirm if you have tried the following steps and observed. Please share your observation.


Have you tested your device in safe mode: If yes, what is the difference you see?


Have you tried performing wipe cache partition on your device? If yes, may I know if that makes any difference?


Have you calibrated your device: Calibration occurs by applying a full charge, discharge, and charge. Battery analyzers serve as a valuable tool to calibrate a smart battery. An analyzer fully charges the battery and then applies a controlled discharge that provides the all-important capacity readings of the chemical battery. Please repete the process and observe for few days and report the changes.


If you have already tried all the above steps and still facing issues--- then the next option would be performing factory data reset without restoring any apps and observing for few days without installing any apps. Let us know how this goes? Also, we would like to have a video showing the issue if the issue persists after performing factory data reset?


-----Finally, we would like to request you all to update your profile if you have not done yet and share us the Bug report for our product team to further investigate the same. Do let us know if need the steps to capture the Bug report.


If none of these helps--the only option would be to submit your device of service/repair.


Meanwhile, let me investigate this and keep you posted on any further updates. Also, I am going to mark this as resolved so that users can find it easily.




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