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Re: M.2 ssd for lenovo thinkpad edge E580 - Where is the m.2 cover!

I believe that the parts you are looking for are the ones below gleaned from the E580 parts list under Misc. Internals.   


Note: More photos of the part are available at the part list link.


BTW, I would select the option to download the parts list and save it, because they usually disappear from the Lenovo site over time and it might come in handy down the road.


Description:Jinn E580 intel FRU EE580_M2_2242_BRK_ASSY
Part Number:01LW427



Unfortunately Lenovo Encompass Parts shows it out of stock (60 days out), but you might try searching the web for it using the part number  or description and see if you can locate one in your region..   I see a used one listed at, but details are sketchy on what is included etc.


Lenovo Encompass Parts



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