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Blue Screen Again
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Moto Z: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Battery Problems

My Moto Z recently gets 3 problems:

  1. Bluetooth
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Battery


About My Moto Z:

Model: XT1650-03-DS

Software Channel: retapac

Build No.: OPL27.76-51

Updated to Android 8.0


Details of Problems

1. Bluetooth

  • Found this problem after Oreo update
  • Can turn on/off from menu without causing any reboots
  • CANNOT scan any nearby devices
  • CANNOT being scanned by any nearby devices
  • Worked before Oreo update
    • not just before the update
    • not sure if it is broken before Oreo

2. Wi-Fi

  • Worked after Oreo
  • Problem occurs recently with no reasons (no accidents)
  • Able to scan
  • CANNOT connect no matter how strong the signal is
  • Good Signal --> Click to Connect --> Become No Signal --> Fail to Connect --> Good Signal --> ...
    • Can never connect to a network
    • Tried home network, school network, public network in subway
    • Keep connecting<->disconnecting makes the phone hot and battery drained

3. Battery (just to inform, I don't think it can be solved here)

  • Probably the battery is getting old
  • Seems that the percentage shown in the setting is not the real percentage
    • With similar usage, the battery sometimes drop fast and sometimes drop slower.
    • If I reboot manually, a portion (20%) of battery is gone magically sometimes.
  • In the past, I charged the phone twice daily.
  • Now, I charged the phone 4 times daily.
  • I think I have to go to the repair center and replace the battery


Attempts I have Made

  • Turn Off Scanning
    • Turned Off Wi-Fi scanning
      • I can scan but still cannot connect
    • Turned Off Bluetooth scanning
      • Still cannot discover any device or being discovered
  • Network Setting Reset
    • Wi-Fi
      • After reset, I cannot even scan nearby network
      • I turn off and on the Wi-Fi
      • I can scan but still cannot connect
    • Bluetooth
      • Still cannot discover any device or being discovered
  • Boot into Safe Mode
    • Wi-Fi
      • Can scan but cannot connect
    • Bluetooth
      • Still cannot discover any device or being discovered


Video: Attempt to connect to public Wi-Fi


Video: Attempt to connect to home Wi-Fi


Photo: Disaster on the Battery

  • Quite strange that the top part of the phone is quite hot today.
  • Normally only the bottom part is hot when playing games.



A bit disappointed

It was a really good phone.

  • The very slim and light body is so unique. <3
  • The camera is good.
  • Support Moto Mods

Unfortunately, the capacity of battery is too small that the battery will get old very soon.

Also, it seems that Moto is now having insufficient resources on software updates.

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