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Bitlocker PIN + USB-C Thunderbolt dock

We recently started using Bitlocker with a PIN at startup. On all our laptops using the "old"-type dock, that you click your laptop into everything is working fine, the users put the laptops into the dock, turn it on, type in the Bitlocker PIN using the external monitor and keyboard, and then processed into Windows.


Our problem is with everyone using the new Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock. When the users connect the laptops to the dock using the cable and then power on from the dock, the laptop will power on (the LED in the ThinkPad logo lights up) but the monitors and keyboard connected to the dock is not working, and then after some time the laptop will power off again.


We currently use a workaround where the users power on, type in the Bitlocker PIN and login to Windows before connecting the laptop to the dock, but this not a proper solution.


We have Enabled both "Thunderbolt(TM) device" and "USB device" under "Support in Pre Boot Environment" in the "Thunderbolt 3"-menu in BIOS, but it still doesn't work.


Have anyone else experienced this problem? Or does anyone know of a proper solution.

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