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Paper Tape
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Bluetooth gone on Yoga 900-13ISK

I'm at my wits' end here. My Bluetooth device disappeared from my Windows 10 OS computer sometime last week (maybe earlier, I'm honestly not sure).


It doesn't appear in the notification center or device manager. There is no on/off switch in settings. It's impossible to connect new devices. I've done a clean install with no results.


I downloaded the newest driver package from Intel's site and the Bluetooth device reappeared, but wouldn't connect, and running the troubleshooter resulted in a "Bluetooth radio fixed" confirmation, but still wouldn't connect. Upon uninstalling the latest from Intel (20.50), I got an error when attempting to install drivers from Lenovo's site (photo attached).


I've uninstalled and reinstalled all Intel network adapters, drivers, and software. I've run the troubleshooter on Bluetooth as well as Hardware and Devices. I don't know what else I can do here apart from a BIOS reset, but even that is supposedly up to date. 


Lenovo Service Bridge says all my software and hardware is fine, that my drivers are all up to date.


What else can I do? I've attempted every fix I can find on the web and still nothing.  

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