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Re: Linux on the ThinkPad X1 Yoga (3rd Gen)

Alot of what has been uncovered for the X1C6 is relevant for this machine, so the arch wiki entry for it is worth reading.


I'll focus on what is different for the X1Y3.  Beyond install issues (although with Fedora 28 using legacy boot mode, there were no problems), some observations:


- This machine uses Windows Modern Standby (S0i3) rather than traditional standby (S3).  In my experience, S0i3 with even the correct kernel flags


 uses way too much power (~2W/hr which is around 3-5% batter drain per hour).  This appears to be an issue on the Windows side as well based on some other threads.  For this reason, I use hibernate.


- After switching on the linux bios switch in the thunderbolt settings,

Config -> Thunderbolt BIOS Assist Mode - Set to "Enabled"

power usage for light web browsing is around 4-6W/hr (with powertop tunables all set to good except for the xHCI controller- see next point).  I'd like it to be a little lower than that, but it is ok.


- Also setting the xHCI USB Controller powertop tunable to good (to get power consumption even lower) will crash the usb 3.0 subsystem after a few minutes of use as described here, which leaves the wacom tablet completely dead until a reboot.  So I just leave the tunable as "Bad".


- I would recommend using the most current kernel/wacom driver possible (Fedora is good for this)


- The Thunderbolt 3 dock works great under linux, driving 2 monitors with full functionality (mouse, network, audio, usb, powering the machine)

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