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Fanfold Paper
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IdeaPad 720s-13ARR: if the bios won't be updated anymore?

I know this problem have been asked but it actually wasn't solved

I like the ideapad 720s 13arr and but there is a problem with my laptop,I bought an new  "old" ideapad 720s 13arr,the new bios have been release but I can‘t update,as the it said that

"2.Due to security reason if your current system BIOS is less than or equal to v29 that will not support update BIOS to V38, and will be keep BIOS V29 awlays which shipment with RS2 preload."

I know the new machine can be update beacuse I have a new ideapad 720s 13arr before it ran into problem with v37 bios and I exchange to this one.

in v37 it said the same thing,but I am now wondering if lenovo engineers are still trying to fix the security problem and when our machine can get updete

if lenovo just give up support for machine with v29 and v28 bios?I am really worry about my machine won't get any bios support anymore.

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