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Re: ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen Mini Ethernet Connector

Hello and welcome,


Just going on what I read:


From the base spec:


"Native Intel Ethernet Connection WGI219-LM (vPro) via optional ThinkPad Ethernet Extension Cable"


"Data Rate Per Port 1 Gbps"


From the sales site:


"Ethernet Extension Connector (Dongle for Native Ethernet sold separately)"


And from Accessory Smart Find:


"...X1 Yoga 3rd Generation... 20LE, 20LF"


The Google turns up multiple sources for 4X90F84315 including Lenovo and Amazon.


As to advantages?  Depends on your use case.  As you said, doesn't burn a USB port.  Doesn't require a special driver - although that's probably not much of an issue for USB adpters.  Maybe with non-Windows OS-en.  Can do PXE boot if that's important.


As I said, I'm going on what I read in the above.  Please confirm before purchasing.




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