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ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th: cooling fan running constantly, but only when Windows lock screen is active

Quick facts:

  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th
  • Product ID 20HR002MGE
  • Vantage installed, all latest updates too incl. BIOS
  • BIOS according to Vantage: N1MET46W 1.31


This has been driving me nuts for weeks. It never occurred until a few weeks ago, though: Whenever the Windows 10 lock screen is activated (no matter if automatically after timeout or manually by me), the cooling fan starts running full speed without even stopping until I unlock the computer again.


I saw that many other users seem to have the same problem, even with the 6th generation computers. First I thought I might have caught a crypto miner doing something in the background, but this has been ruled out by extensive malware scans and CPU/GPU monitoring. Neither processing unit does anything, it is definitely a Lenovo thing.


Please help me, my business computer is running 24/7 and has to because I also need to access it remotely. At night I cannot sleep because of the fan humming non-stop. Plus, I am afraid of premature cooling fan bearing wear-out.


Update: I also tried this solution, but it does not help at all.

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