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X1 Tablet 3rd Gen - Screen scratching

Hi All,


I'm hoping that other here with the 3rd Gen X1 Tablet cab chime in with how their screen is fairing after a bit of use.

I had mine for around 30 days and I noticed that my screens coating had significant scratching and scuffing on it. There was big scuff right in th middle of the screen, and a whole bunch of scratches and scuffs around then top half of the screen. The big scuff exactly lines up with the Trackpoint's centre button, and this cuffing lines up with the fat pats of the keyboard case. The scratches are being left by th stylus.


I have owned the Surface Pro 3, Pro 4 and Pro 2017 and a range of Android tablets in the past and none have ever had such issues. I was a bit astounded that my Lenovo has run into this issue under the same use and so quickly as well. It's clearly the screen coating that is scuffing, not the glass, so I am kind of wondering if it's a design fault or I just got a dodgy screen. I don't abuse my device, but do put it into my bag tot ake to work and can carry it around in my hand with the keybaord closed a fair amount.

I did contact Lenovo about it and they shipped out a brand new tablet, which was great, but I'm a bit concerned the same thing will occur with my replacement.

Is anyone able to provide their experiences?

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