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Thinkpad T530 fingerprint reader not working after updates


I've recently installed windows 7 on my t530 because in win10 I couldn't use fingerprint reader cz there's no suitable driver available.

So back on windows 7 I installed all the latest drivers from lenovo support site. 

Fingerprint Reader works perfectly! Now I got like 180 Updates installed.

After reboot my fingerprint reader didn't work anymore. I can open the fingerprint tool but the green led is not glowing anymore.

in device manager everything is ok. latest driver installed, detected as biometric device.  also it's listed in system settings.

I checked my BIOS settings and clicked on "reset fingerprint data" and also disabled the device and enabled it back.

nothing seems to work.. is there any solution? Maybe windows blocked the driver or something i don't know. I've deinstalled the fingerprint software AND the driver in device manager. reboot, and installed all again. nothing.. how can this be?

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