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Yoga L380 nearly overheating with 65W charger connected + wifi issue

Hello, I've had my new yoga L380 for two days and am noticing that when it charges with supplied 65w USB C charger, both the power adapter brick and the laptop get very hot. The adapter itself gets almost too hot to hold in the hand. The laptop (i5) highest temp I have seen while charging was 85C, even though CPU load was only ~30%. Once it stops charging it cools down.
I also had an issue during charging that the wifi connection dropped and I could not re-connnect to any other network, so it appeared that the heat was affecting the wifi module somehow. Troubleshooting gave no possible software issues and other devices were connected to the same wifi network.

Is this normal? What kind of temps should I be expecting?
I would be ok with slower charging if this prevents the issue but if something is wrong with my battery or charger I need to know.
Thanks in advance.

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