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Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen6 and issues with Thunderbolt 3 dock

We purchased a new X1 Carbon 6th Gen with the new Thunderbolt 3 Dock Win 10 1803 and have had all kinds of problems. Bad enough to consider other brand alternatives. All Lenovo drivers are current, we updated the firmware and drivers for the dock. With that we still have the following problems and dont know how to resolve them

1. The network connectivity from the dock to laptop with USB-C loses connectivity on occasion. Also when the user shuts off the laptop, comes back and turns the laptop on, no network connectivity is re-established. The only way to fix this is to unplug the USB-C cable and plug it back in. Sometimes that will lock up windows and we have to do a hard shut down and start of the laptop. 

2. Running the display out from the dock is not always reliable. The monitor will turn off randomly. To bypass this issue we have to just plug the monitor directly into the laptop.


4. Occasional random bluescreens with a stop  code DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION. This error is related to bad drivers.

Are we missing something. Is there anything we have to set in the BIOS to resolve these problems? I've been reading up on this dock and a lot of people are having problems with this dock and carbon 6th gen laptops

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