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What's DOS?
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serious Bug with ee boot optimizer S205

Hi, i have bought a S205 few days ago. And now i have a problem with lenovo ee boot optimizer repeating itself endlessly.
It will start the optimizing screen on boot, then it will enter windows and do the finalizing process, auto-restart, then it will go into the same optimizing screen again and whole thing happen and happen again for hours until i stop it.
But it doesn't help, no matter how i stop it pressing ESC in optimizing screen or stopping it in windows during finalizing process, the bootup thing will still be there the next time i start my computer.
I also tried remove ee boot optimizer from windows, such act will result in "FBDefrag Program not found-Skip AutoCheck" etc, and will start doing the optimizing process again when i reinstall the program.
Please help, and let me know how to completely stop this ridiculious thing to happen.

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