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Yoga 910 plugged in not charging



I have bought 910 and reinstall with fresh 1803. I have upgrade bios to latest and installed all drivers from support page.

using OEM charger and using proper port for charging (rear). Also device is ok with charger because i can charge tablet when it is turn off. Even in bios it is charging, so i know that there are problem with drivers in windows.

Scenario is like this:


1. If i boot with charger pluged in 

  • i have exclamation mark in device manager (I2C HID Device) - last pic
  • It says that is is charging but after minute of charging battery indicator stops, (still says charging - but it does not). 2 nd pic
  • After removing charger and plugin again says only plugged in NOT CHARGING. 1st pic.





2. If i plug in charger after boot i have:


  • no exclamation mark in device manager
  • rest is same as above example.


I tried all drivers (which are kind very OLD) , tried Lenovo Vintage (ussless), tried drivers from 920 .. same. Three times i have reinstalled windows even with generic microsoft drivers, it does NOT CHARGE.


Also there is annoying screen flickering which i sloved by manually add driver from 920. (not completly still shows sometimes.)


will try linux and if that will not work, i am going to return this expensive toy. Funny that i wanted to buy X1 Carbon soon... lol 

guessing that problem is in Windows changing from ver to ver. and Lenovo, who does not update neither drivers or bios. Sad....

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