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low speaker volume on phone calls

On my Moto G6, when I make phone calls using the standard Phone app, the speaker volume is not that loud even at the max call volume. It's hard to hear from the speaker due to the low volume. If I turn on the speakerphone, it's a little bit better at the max call volume to have a conversation, but still the volume seems lower than it should.


If I use the Hangouts app to make calls though, then I have no speaker volume issues. In either speakerphone mode or not, the speaker using Hangouts is a lot louder than when using the Phone app. With Hangouts, I need to turn down the call volume as it's too loud in fact.


I do not have any low speaker volume issues in other apps like Youtube, Line, etc... Does anyone notice a similar volume issue when making calls in the Phone app or know what can be done about it?

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