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E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

Hi all,


I just received a brand-new ThinkPad E485 yesterday, and have been going through the motions; getting wifi set up, installing Windows updates, etc. However I've noticed something strange about the keyboard, which is really bothering me, and I don't want to just ignore it or learn to work around it, especially not on a brand-new machine.


All the keys work, but it seems like occasionally, response to a keypress will be delayed, leading to letters showing up on screen in the opposite order to what I typed. Certain combinations seem to be affected worse than others, though this may be psychological, and it doesn't seem like the space bar is affected - 'e' seems particularly bad, so I'll often go to type 'really' and come out with 'raelly', or "some words" and get "som ewords". I'm a computer programmer by profession, so I touch type, and spend a *lot* of time typing doing it. This has never been a problem for me with any other keyboard, laptop or otherwise, so I'm pretty certain the problem is not just me.


I've tried changing various Windows & BIOS settings, including turning off the trackpoint & trackpad, turning off UEFI USB support, changing the PS/2 polling rate in the registry, and nothing has helped. I also booted into a Fedora 27 live image and saw the same problem there, so I think I can rule out any sort of Windows 10 specific issues.


All the keys *work*, it just seems strangely slow to respond to anything other than pressing the space bar. Is this the kind of thing that might get fixed in a BIOS update? Do I really need to send my brand-new machine in for repair, or (horror!) consider just refunding it and moving on!?




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