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wifi only connecting within airplane mode, windows 10

Wifi only connecting through airplane mode, windows 10


After working normally for months, suddenly my Thinkpad X1 Yoga’s wifi stopped seeing my local router or 6 other connections. Normal troubleshooting, rebooting router etc, didn’t work. Device manager showed latest driver and Intel dual band ac 8265 driver working properly, uninstalled anyway and reinstall, no change.


I read about people having conficts with airplane mode. I turned on airplane mode and opened up wifi within that mode. Both WF and AP boxes lit up and wifi connected to my normal home router.


If I turn off AP box the Wifi shuts down with no connections, turn on again and still no connections. If I turn off the Wifi box, wifi shuts down. I then have to turn AP back on, then go through network and connections to turn on wifi again, and it connects to my local router.


This suggests a software problem? Any suggestions?


Microsoft, I see, has been asked about this problem repeatedly in 2011 all the way up to last month, and doesn’t seem to have any real solutions past rebooting and reinstalling driver, which do not work.

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