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Paper Tape
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Moto X 1st Gen Stuck on Motorola Logo Screen

My Moto X 1st generation phone automatically updated its software from Lollipop to Marshmallow, and now when I try turning on my phone, it is stuck in boot mode and won't start up.  I contacted Motorola support via chat, and the woman instructed me to perform a "wipe cache partition."  After doing so, my phone was still stuck in boot mode and wouldn't start up.  She then instructed me to perform a "wipe data/factory reset," but I know that is going to erase everything on my phone.  Is there a way to get my phone to boot up without losing all my phone data, such as important texts and pictures?  With all the options in the "Boot Mode Selection Menu" and the "Android System Recovery" screen, there must be something I can do before actually performing a factory reset.  Is anyone familiar with this issue and know of a possible solution?  If not, does anyone know of any Motorola developers or programmers who can assist me with this issue?

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