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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus (8704x) Manufacturing Defect ?Help

Hello all


This was my first ever purchase of a Lenovo product.


And I have to say it was a big mistake  buying one of these Lenovo Tab4 8 plus model 8704x. According to many website reviews and spec sheets floating about. Which clearly states the device as having GPS sensors. 


I bought the 3GB ram + 16GB storage 4G LTE variant


The device cannot be used as a compass, nor navigational device i.e sat nav.


Google maps, Google earth and many more software applications that rely on GPS sensors will NOT work.


I even spoke to Lenovo tech team yesterday to raise the issue. They were keen to try and pass me over to the sales team, which I refused as its the tech teams job to know about this stuff.


Also in the software android nougat 7.1 settings there is clearly 3 options for the user to turn GPS assist on, yet the device shows error messages showing 'no magnetic sensors'present.


So as I asked the telephone Lenovo tech team, is this a manufacturing defect?


Should Lenovo be recalling these devices back to their distribution centres?


They couldn't answer me!


Not a very good selling point for future customers, knowing they are being mislead into buying sub standard devices which dont have the hardware in them that is being advertised as having.


I find it hard to believe that Lenovo would make and sell a mobile device without having the basic hardware installed i.e GPS sensors installed.


It would be nice to hear from a senior member of Lenovo on this matter.


I'm sure I'm not the only owner of one of these devices with this problem.



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