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Re: Thinkpad P52 / p72 with 128GB RAM

Hello and thanks for asking, below is a quote I received after reaching out to someone in the know;


"We worked with intel to qualify the new 32GB DIMMs on our new P52, P72 and P1 products.  We had to make some slight changes to the memory controller but in the end we were able to get the 32GB DIMMs to pass all our quality and engineering tests.  Although I don’t think Intel has officially changed their POR, even they agree that the memory works as expected; hence we are out selling it.  

We did this exact thing when the 16GB DIMMs came out.  They weren’t “officially” supported by Intel, but we worked with them and made it work"


The systems are currently configurable on the UK web site with 128GB, I haven't checked any others. They also mention above the P1 which only has two memory slots so I presume that was an oversight or indication to wait for 64GB memory chips to become available?


Hope that answers your question.





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