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Lenovo Yoga 730-15ikb: Charge with USB-PD?



Does anybody tried to charge the Device by USB-PD? Technically it should be possible with a >90W Charger, but I read different Statements. Some say, it's only charging, if the device is off. But that's not the target, it should be possible to work & charge with it.

Others say, that only the 13" Yoga can be charged, the 15" (4k Display btw.) seems to need too much energy and doesn't push it to the battery Smiley Sad But 90W, as the original dedicated non-usb-Power-Charger, is 90W, so there seems to be negotiating-issues.


But as I said: Too many different statements. My Dream-Configuration would look something like this:

- 1 USB-C-Charger like Dell TDK33 (4,5A@20V)

- 1 USB-C-Hub (primarly for LAN & Display), e.g. Andobil 9-in-1.


It's too expensive to buy & try. Especially if there are Negotiating-Issues, you have to try different Chargers until you find a working one or to come to the conclusion, that its impossible.


TL;DR: Can I Charge the 730-15ikb (4k) over USB-C while working? Which Charger is known to work?



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