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Questions about Yoga C930 and X1Y3

Hi, I have some questions about this product after checking the product specifications. Could you please let me know the answers?


1. Is the SSD user replacable?

2. For the 1TB version, is the SSD NVMe PCIe 3.0x4 at 32Gb/s?

3. Some reviewers have 256GB version made by Hynix which is slower. Is the 1TB SSD made by Samsung or Hynix?

4. Are those two USB 3.0 Type-C ports running independently at full speed?

5. It uses the same Intel UHD 620 as the X1 Yoga Gen3. Why it can only drive an external monitor at 3840x2160@ 60Hz while the X1Y3 can drive at 5120x2880@ 60Hz

6. Does it use something like S0 or S3 which could cause compatibility issue with Linux?

7. What are the differences between the Yoga C930 and X1 Yoga Gen 3 besides different keyboard types and the latter has hdmi port?

8. Given the same tasks, which one is less nosiy?

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