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[Moto G5 Plus] not able to switch to LDAC codec (headphone: Sony WH-1000XM3)

Hi all,


I hope one of you can help me.


Since 2 weeks I have updated my OS of my Moto to android 8.1.0. One of the new features is being able to switch to LDAC Codec.

Today i bought a new headset, Sony WH-1000XM3, which is compatible with LDAC codec, so i want to switch my codec output to LDAC.

Somehow i am not able to switch to LDAC, it keeps switching to Quallcom aptx Audio when i leave the menu.


What am i doing wrong?


I've done the following things:

- Install the Sony Headphone app and making sure my product is registered.

- In the Sony Headphone app switch on the "sound quality preference" (this should enable switching to aptx/LDAC)

- Enable developer options.

- Go to Codec in developer options and select LDAC.


Thank you in advance for helping.


Kind regards, Johan

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