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p72 and workstation tb3 dock problem



I have an annoying issue with the p72 and the tb3 workstation dock.  I unpack the p72 and plug it into the dock in the morning, then power it on.  100% of the times, the USB on the dock doesn't work, everything else(displays, ethernet) does.  This means the mouse and keyboard do not respond.  Replugging the mouse/keyboard does nothing.


However, if I unplug and replug the dock, then it works.  So essentially USB never works the first time, I always have to replug it to get it to work the second time.


Also, I have 2 identical workstation tb3 docks(bought at the same time from Lenovo even) at different desks and they both have the exact same problem, so it is not a bad dock.


Any ideas?

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