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Thinkpad X1 Extreme weird noise / Fan Noise

I just received X1 Extreme.

Everything works fine and as expected, but there is one thing that keeps bugging me.

It's a weird little electric noise X1E makes.


Here is the electric noise.

I am not sure what causes this noise but I think this happens when the fan starts running.

I don't think the laptop should make this kind of noise since there is no HDD, CD, or other parts that makes noise other than fan.

And fan should not make those electric noise.


Also, I noticed that there is little rattling sound (only noticable when I put my ears very close to bottom of laptop).


The elctric sound happens when heavy-loading and the rattling sound is unnoticeable.

But I am worried if there is some malfunctioning hardware in my laptop.


Does anyone have similar issue? Is this normal?


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